Hiscox Re ILS

About Hiscox Re ILS

Hiscox Re Insurance Linked Strategies Ltd. ("Hiscox Re ILS") was formed by Hiscox Ltd. in 2013 as an independent ILS management team within the Hiscox Group in recognition of the long-term nature of alternative capital in the (re)insurance markets. Such capital brings benefits to Hiscox’s (re)insurance clients and long term institutional investors seeking access to low correlating (re)insurance risk.

Hiscox Re ILS manages the Kiskadee funds and separately managed accounts for larger investors, with a total AUM of over USD$1.5b.


Investment Thesis

  • Market access: Access through Hiscox Re allows participation on risks only shown to top-tier capacity providers

  • Portfolio construction: Hiscox Re ILS is able to construct granular portfolios, with hundreds of positions across a diverse range of geographic regions and protection buyers

  • Expertise: Hiscox Re’s extensive analytics and modeling tools have been developed over decades of participation in the market
  • Capital efficiency: Accessing business through Hiscox’s A-rated balance sheets permits greater capital efficiency and greater market access than fully collateralized ILS funds


SBaiReactions London Market Award